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FujiNet ISS Tracker 2022-05-29 - May 29, 2022
The firmware for #FujiNet devices is gaining built-in JSON parsing, allowing apps that talk to online APIs (like ISS Tracker) to offload more of the work to the #FujiNet. ISS Tracker has been updated to take advantage of this upcoming new feature. (In other news, a Coleco ADAM port of ISS Tracker was recently created!)

SuperTux coming to Steam - December 28, 2021
Super Tux -- a game we started in 2000 and abandoned shortly after, but which has been picked up and maintained by a global community of developers, artists, musicians, and level designers -- is coming to Valve Corp's 'Steam' platform! Congrats to them!

Tux Paint 0.9.27 and friends released - November 26, 2021
The latest Tux Paint includes six new Magic tools, Magic tool grouping, rotating brush support, improved documentation, and some UI enhancements to Tux Paint Config., among other updates.

New Tux Paint artwork showcase - October 4, 2021
The gallery page on the Tux Paint website has been replaced with a simpler, smaller showcase of some of the most amazing artwork done by kids and adults using the program. Check back now and then, since we'll continue adding drawings to it.

Invenies Verba 2.0 pre-release 6 - July 26, 2021
Pre-release 6 of 'Invenies Verba 2.0' is available; it includes fun musical sounds while you play, 7 different small dictionaries in 6 languages, and improved graphics.

Invenies Verba ported to C - July 15, 2021
My word puzzle game for the Atari 8-bit, first written in TurboBASIC XL in 2014, has been ported to C. A pre-release of version 2.0 is available for download.

FujiNet ISS Tracker released - May 22, 2021
I've created a program for FujiNet-equipped Atari 8-bits that utilize openly-available APIs to determine the current and upcoming position of the International Space Station, and see a list of who's currently in space.

Gem Drop Deluxe beta updated - May 13, 2021
A new beta release of the new C port of Gem Drop adds some visual flourishes and informational updates within the game, and more tweaks to the title screen. Warning: it's now compiled with compiler optimizations enabled, so it plays a bit faster than before. I'll try to tune things for the next release.

FujiNet APOD Viewer released - May 1, 2021
I've released the first stable version of an image viewer that lets you download and look at NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day imagery right on your FujiNet-equipped Atari 8-bit!

Gem Drop Deluxe beta available - March 14, 2021
A beta version of Gem Drop Deluxe, the C port of the original Action!-based Gem Drop, has been released. Glitches and stability problems have been addressed, and it has a snazzy new title/menu screen.

ATR disk image versions of demos - October 17, 2020
Self-booting ATR disk images are now available for all of my old 1990s-era demos (previously available as ARC archives). This makes it easier to check them out quickly with an emulator or modern virtual disk drive (storage devices like SIO2SD, SDriveMax, and #Fujinet).

NBS on Moby Games - April 9, 2020
We noticed there was an entry for 'New Breed Software', and one of our games ('Vectoroids') (along with a game which wasn't by us; since corrected) over at the excellent Moby Games, "the world's largest and most flexible electronic game documentation project in existence". We've been slowly submitting more of our games (and they're starting to appear!)

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