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News - 2005

Circus Linux! for Sony PSP - December 29, 2005
Circus Linux! has been ported to the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld game system!

Tux Paint Known Issues - December 15, 2005
A "Known Issues" list has been created for Tux Paint, which covers problems people have discovered (e.g., DirectX bugs), and work-arounds. (This is meant to be a simple reference, as opposed to the bug tracker found at the SourceForge project pages.)

Entombed! for Windows - December 13, 2005
Entombed! is now available for Windows. Enjoy!

Tux Paint 0.9.15-2 for Windows - December 5, 2005
This re-release fixes a crash bug in Windows98. Additionally, the ZIP version is now packaged to be more compatible with older unZIP tools.

Tux Paint 0.9.15 released - November 25, 2005
After a year of development, Tux Paint 0.9.15 has been released. Five new Magic tools were added, larger screen sizes are now supported, 10 new translations have been added, and countless other bug fixes and updates were made. Source, Windows, Mac OS X and RedHat & Fedora CORE RPM packaged versions are available.

Amiga OS 4 ports - November 25, 2005
It's been pointed out that a lot more of our games are available for Commodore Amiga computers running Amiga OS4. Our site's been updated accordingly.

Tux Paint presentation at MACUL 2006 - November 17, 2005
"How to use Tux Paint for instruction and assessment in the K-2 classroom" will be presented at the Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning conference in March 2006, in Grand Rapids, MI.

Tux Paint presentations in N. Calif. - November 15, 2005
Bill Kendrick, lead developer of Tux Paint, will be doing technical presentations about Tux Paint at the December 8th Peninsula Linux User Group meeting in Redwood Shores and at the December 19th Linux Users' Group of Davis. Update: A non-tech mini-presentation will be given at the December 7th Silicon Valley Linux User Group meeting in Mountain View.

VCF 8.0 photos - November 5, 2005
Photos are now online of Bill Kendrick's Atari exhibit at the Vintage Computer Festival.

NBS Founder at VCF 8.0 - November 3, 2005
Bill Kendrick of New Breed Software will be exhibiting Atari 8-bit computers and video game systems at this year's Vintage Computer Festival, in Mountain View, November 5th & 6th.

cgi-util 2.2.1 - October 10, 2005
A memory allocation was missing, which could affect programs accepting "GET" method queries.

Tux Paint in Linux Journal - September 19, 2005
Tux Paint is mentioned in the Oct. 2005 issue of Linux Journal magazine, in the article "The Linux for Kids Experiment."

Gamepark GP32 ports - September 18, 2005
We discovered that Vectoroids and Defendguin have been ported to the Gamepark GP32 handheld game system. A newer version of Circus Linux! is available, too.

Tux Paint in Free Software for Dummies - September 7, 2005
Tux Paint installation and use is covered in the book Free Software for Dummies, published earlier this summer by Wiley.

RISC OS Ports - August 22, 2005
A number of our games have been ported to RISC OS: Circus Linux!, Defendguin, Entombed!, Gem Drop X, TuxMath and Vectoroids. Thanks to Neil White for the ports!

MorphOS Ports - August 2, 2005
Bug Squish, Entombed! and TTT have been ported to MorphOS.

Explosions update - July 31, 2005
The 'explosions' SDL example toy has been updated to render more quickly on displays that are set to something other than 16bpp.

Tux Paint article in TUX Magazine - June 3, 2005
Issue #3 of TUX Magazine contains an article on how to use Tux Paint, written by Bill Kendrick and his wife Melissa. The magazine is available for free, in PDF format.

Tux Paint Mailing List Move - March 25, 2005
Tux Paint's developer mailing lists have moved to SourceForge.net, and two lists have been created for end-users: 'tuxpaint-news', for news about the latest releases, and 'tuxpaint-users' for teachers and parents interested in sharing their thoughts and ideas about the project.

Tux Paint for Zaurus - March 23, 2005
Tux Paint has been packaged for the Sharp Zaurus Linux-based PDAs (640x480 resolution models only).

Tux Paint wins Golden Acorn - February 19, 2005
Tux Paint is this month's 'Golden Acorn Award' winner at FreeFunFiles.com!

Super Tux for Zaurus - February 9, 2005
Super Tux, which New Breed Software originated (but which has since been taken over by a whole team of developers, musicians and artists) is also available for the Zaurus!

Defendguin for Zaurus - February 9, 2005
Our space shoot-out 'Defendguin' has been ported to the SL-C760 and SL-C860 model Sharp Zaurus Linux-based PDAs. (It may work on other 640x480 resolution models, too.)

Entombed! update - January 17, 2005
Entombed! has improved level maps, a pause screen, and some other minor changes.

Tux Paint awarded by SharewareJunkies.com - January 4, 2005
Tux Paint was awarded 'Best Macintosh Program' of 2004 in the 2005 SharewareJunkies.com Awards!

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