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News - 2002

Tux Paint demos in Northern California - December 29, 2002
Bill Kendrick, lead developer of Tux Paint, will be demonstrating Tux Paint at the January 9th meeting of the Davis Mac Users Group, the January 14th meeting of the North Bay Linux Users' Group in Sebastopol, and the January 15th meeting of the Sacramento PC Users' Group.

Tux Paint 0.9.2 for Windows - December 19, 2002
Last week's release of Tux Paint, and the most recent Stamps collection are available for Windows.

Tux Paint 0.9.2 for Mac OS X - December 17, 2002
Last week's release of Tux Paint is now available for OSX

Vectoroids 1.1.0 for BeOS - December 16, 2002
Vectoroids 1.1.0 is now available for BeOS!

Tux Paint 0.9.2 released - December 10, 2002
Korean translation! Keyboard mouse pointer control.

Tux Paint stamps updated - December 3, 2002
Lots of translation updates to the stamps collection.

TuxMath coming to Set Top Box! - December 2, 2002
'Tux, of Math Command' will apparently be included in the '721,' a set top PVR (personal video recorder; like TiVo), so kids can learn math while watching TV!

Tux Paint in Linux Magazine, Japan - December 1, 2002
We just found out that Tux Paint was reviewed in the September 2002 issue of the Japanese 'Linux Magazine'!

CNet Radio - November 26, 2002
Bill Kendrick of New Breed Software was a guest on CNet Radio's 'Desmond Crisis' show, representing the Linux Users' Group of Davis.

The show aired live at 10am (Pacific) on in 910AM in the San Francisco Bay Area, XM satellite radio channel 130, and online.

Tux Paint presentation, Roseville, CA - November 25, 2002
Bill Kendrick of New Breed Software will be demonstrating Tux Paint at tonight's Roseville Linux Users Group meeting, near Sacramento, California. Update: Slides are online here.

Mad Bomber in PC Magazine - November 19, 2002
Mad Bomber, our fast-action bomb-catching game, is on the CD for this month's issue of Italy's PC Magazine.

Tux Paint - November 16, 2002
Tux Paint has been translated to Catalan. A Mac OS X preliminary release is also available!

Tux Paint - November 12, 2002
Birds and tropical fish added to stamps. Misc. updates to Tux Paint.

WOPN Radio - November 11, 2002
Bill Kendrick of New Breed Software was on WOPN internet radio this evening.

Brickout for Linux iPAQ - November 7, 2002
Brickout has been built for iPAQs running Linux and X-Window.

Agendaroids for Linux iPAQ - November 7, 2002
Agendaroids has been built for iPAQs running Linux and X-Window.

Aliens for Zaurus - November 4, 2002
Our space-shooter 'Aliens' for the Agenda VR3 PDA has been cloned for the Sharp Zaurus PDA!

Tux Paint and Stamps - October 26, 2002
The 'stamps' collection has a few translation updates, the US Sacagawea dollar coin, and some nuts. Tux Paint itself now has Czech language support, translation updates, and KDE and Gnome launcher installation fixes.

Tux Paint HTML docs - October 20, 2002
Tux Paint's documentation has been converted to HTML, and is also available online.

Tux Paint update - October 19, 2002
Norwegian updates, documentation updates, and more.

cgi-util - October 18, 2002
A fix for problems accepting form posts via HTTPS under Internet Explorer 5.5

Tux Paint in Linux Magazine - October 16, 2002
Tux Paint is a 'Zonker's Product Pick' in the November 2002 issue of Linux Magazine! See it in the reviews section.

Tux Paint Stamps - October 10, 2002
A few more kinds of apples. German translation updates. Stamps now translated to Brazilian Portuguese. Numerals spoken in French.

New Merchandise - October 7, 2002
We've added a couple of stickers and an infant/toddler 'Tux Paint' t-shirt

Tux Paint and Stamps - October 6, 2002
Some tasty organically-grown produce has been added to the 'food' stamps collection. Windows printing support. Many translation updates and small bugfixes.

Tux Paint in GNUWin II - October 2, 2002
GNUWin II is a CDROM compilation of free software for Windows, and includes 'Tux Paint.'

Tux Paint - New Stamps - September 29, 2002
Some small updates were made to Tux Paint. Norwegian math sounds, images of Euro coins, happy faces (with sounds), Halloween stamps (with sounds) and more, have been added to the stamps collection.

Tux Paint - Brazilian - September 28, 2002
Tux Paint has been translated to Brazilian Portuguese! Fancy mouse pointers can be disabled. System-wide config. available under Unix/Linux. And more!

Tux Paint reviews - September 27, 2002
Tux Paint has been reviewed by two more Linux magazines: Linux Journal, and the Brazilian magazine Revista do Linux.

cgi-util 2.1.6 - September 26, 2002
A few small bugfixes.

Tux Paint in Danish - September 25, 2002
Tux Paint has been translated to Danish!

PDAMaze for Zaurus - September 24, 2002
Someone has rewritten our 3D maze game 'PDAMaze' for the Sharp Zaurus!

Tux Paint - September 24, 2002
Stamps translated into Icelandic, and other updates.

Tux Paint update - September 23, 2002
Localized shortcut keys, better keyrepeat, updated documentation, 'Print' disabled when picture is blank, wheel mouse support (can be disabled).

Tux Paint - 'import' tool - September 21, 2002
An 'import' tool has been added, so you can load arbitrary pictures in Tux Paint. Updates to Rotation mode in Shape tool, fixes to Fill tool and Text tool, and documentation updates.

Tux Paint - fill and user files - September 20, 2002
A 'flood-fill' magic tool has been added. Users can add brushes, stamps and fonts in their own directories. You can double-click thumbnails to open them. Updated documentation. New 'Stamps' release, as well, with updated Spanish and French translations.

Tux Paint - new mailing lists - September 12, 2002
Internationalization ('i18n') and rubber-stamp mailing lists have been created for the Tux Paint project. See the Lists page.

Tux Paint - text and Icelandic - September 19, 2002
Tux Paint now supports Icelandic. A lot more work has been done on the text tool, too.

Tux Paint - cool cursors - September 15, 2002
Some more features to make Tux Paint easier for young children, including 'uppercase only' mode, and a 'don't ask' feature when saving over old versions of a picture. Also, cool looking new mouse pointers - no more boring arrow!

Tux Paint - text and Swedish - September 12, 2002
Tux Paint now supports Swedish. Alpha support for the Text tool and Font Selector are here, too. Feedback welcome!

TuxMath Debian package - September 11, 2002
A Debian Linux package file for TuxMath is now available!

Tux Paint update - September 11, 2002
Fixed sound problems under Windows, translation updates, and more.

Tux Paint update - September 8, 2002
Lots of big changes: Print tool is now enabled (Linux/Unix only, at the moment); pre-rendered thumbnails (for a much faster 'Open' dialog); 'docbook-to-man' is now optional; a few more rubber stamps; and much more - see the changelogs! Update: Also built for Windows!

Tux Paint update - September 6, 2002
Changes include some bug fixes, an easier to read font, and now the 'Rubber Stamp' images are a separate download.

Tux Paint Windows Installer - September 5, 2002
A self-installing version of Tux Paint 2002.08.23 is now available for Windows.

Tux Paint 2002.08.23 for Windows - September 2, 2002
The latest version of Tux Paint (2002.08.23) is now available, pre-compiled, for Windows.

TuxMath Windows Installer - September 2, 2002
There's now a version of TuxMath for Windows which comes as an installer!

Tux Paint in Linux-Magazin - August 30, 2002
The October 2002 of the German Linux magazine has a review of 'Tux Paint' on page 14!

TuxMath for Windows - August 30, 2002
The latest version (from last year, unfortunately) is now available for Windows, thanks to Pejac Pascal.

Super Tux RPM - August 29, 2002
Super Tux is available in RPM format, thanks to Robert Scheck of LinuxNetz.de

Circus Linux! RPM - August 29, 2002
Circus Linux! is available in RPM format, thanks to Robert Scheck of LinuxNetz.de

Tux Paint update - August 23, 2002
Now in Italian and Dutch! Updated German translations. Can load legacy saved BMPs. Progress 'candy-cane' progress bar.

Entombed update - August 21, 2002
Finally, after three months, some updates! More game-play features added, and some graphics and sound updates.

Tux Paint update - August 19, 2002
More stamps. Colorable and tintable stamps. Saves as PNG now. Translation updates. Enjoy!

Interview with Bill Kendrick at OSNews - August 16, 2002
OSNews talked to Bill as part of a series of interviews with hobbiest game developers.

Tux Paint at LinuxWorld - August 15, 2002
Thanks to the great folks at the Open Source Eductation Foundation for once again showing off Tux Math, and this year, Tux Paint, at LinuxWorld Expo.

We gave away about 25 copies of Tux Paint on floppy-disk, and the crowd seemed quite interested in it!

Tux Paint update - August 12, 2002
Rubber stamps can have their own sound effects (even localized!) The number stamps are spoken when you select them (in English or Spanish!). Rubber stamp tool's outline is now based on the chosen stamp's shape, not just its size! Filled shapes are animated (providing more feedback on slower systems). Initial translation to Turkish!

SuperTux discovered for BeOS - August 11, 2002
SuperTux has been ported to BeOS! Enjoy!

Tux Paint update - August 9, 2002
More of Tux Paint, Tux Paint's documentation and the Tux Paint website have been translated into German, Spanish and French. More outerspace rubber stamp images have been added, and new basic mathematical and musical stamps have, too!

Tux Paint update - August 4, 2002
Magical effects now have their own sound effects. 'Thick' and 'Thin' magic effects added. Tool and selector buttons are ready for translation. Filled shapes added.

Tux Paint update - August 2, 2002
Bug fixes, translation fixes, font update and more documentation!

Tux Paint uses gettext - July 31, 2002
Among other changes, Tux Paint now uses 'gettext' to support multiple languages - you can decide which to use when you load it! Some stamp image descriptions have been translated, and Finnish is now supported! A crash in the 'Open' dialog was fixed, and it now supports a configuration/resource file.

Defendguin 0.0.10 - July 28, 2002
Options screen lets you adjust volume. A few bugfixes made.

Tux Paint update - July 19, 2002
Initial man page, GNOME and KDE launcher icons, simple shape tool option, 'Sparkle' and 'Fade' magic effects, keyboard controls, animated prompt pop-ups, and more!

Tux Paint update - July 17, 2002
New 'magic' special effect tools have been added ('Chalk,' 'Rainbow,' 'Mirror' and 'Flip'). You can also deleted saved images from the "Open" screen.

New Breed Software Lab - July 15, 2002
We've created a new sub-site: 'The Lab'!

Super Tux - July 15, 2002
Now builds correctly with the sound-disabled option.

Tux Paint - July 7, 2002
Now with the polygon shape tool and Save and Open commands!

Tux Paint - July 3, 2002
Today's release includes initial Spanish and French translations!

Tux Paint - July 2, 2002
A few small changes have been released in 2002.07.02 version. A Windows build of 2002.06.30 is now available, as well.

Tux Paint - 3rd beta - June 30, 2002
Tux Paint now has more documentation, auto-save on quit, a number of new 'Magic' special effect tools, and more.

Tux Paint for Windows - June 18, 2002
Tux Paint (alpha version 2002.06.17a) was compiled for Windows and we've packaged it up. (Note: It's untested!)

Tux Paint - 2nd beta - June 17, 2002
A new version of Tux Paint is available. Not much more functionality has been added, but a number of things have been fixed or changed.

Tux Paint Sneak Peek - June 16, 2002
Tux Paint is a simple and fun drawing program geared specifically towards young children. Its purpose is to provide a very simplified interface, easy-to-use drawing tools, and a fun environment (e.g. with sound effects). You can try the first alpha release now!

Brickout for the Zaurus - June 10, 2002
Brickout has been ported to libSDL, been given color, sound effects and music, and has been built for the Sharp Zaurus PDA!

Gem Drop X for Mac OS X - June 8, 2002
The latest version of Gem Drop X has been ported to Mac OS X.

Circus Linux! for Mac OS X - June 8, 2002
The latest version of Circus Linux! has been ported to Mac OS X.

Brickout coming to Zaurus - June 5, 2002
BrickOut, our X-Window-based brick-breaking game written for the Agenda VR3 Linux-based PDA is being ported to libSDL, given a dash of color, and will soon be available for the Sharp Zaurus Linux-based PDA!

Vectoroids 1.1.0 for Windows - June 4, 2002
Vectoroids 1.1.0 is now available for Windows (up from 1.0.7)

Defendguin for Windows - June 3, 2002
Defendguin 0.9 is now available for Windows!

Virtual Kendrick - June 3, 2002
Call it insanity. Call it egotism. But you can now get Bill Kendrick, of New Breed Software, for your PC or PDA...

Golf Shirt Available - June 20, 2002
We've added a Golf Shirt to our line-up of New Breed Software products available via CafePress.com

Supertux - Amiga port - May 24, 2002
We discovered that SuperTux has been ported to the Amiga computer!

Entombed! - Alpha Release! - May 22, 2002
We've released an alpha version of Entombed! for people to test. It's far from finished, and not very playable yet, though.

Entombed! - Coming soon - May 19, 2002
We have just begun work on "Entombed!", a clone of a rare Atari 2600 game where you're trapped in a maze full of zombies!

Gem Drop X 0.9 - May 18, 2002
Version 0.9 is available as source-code. It includes some compile-time updates.

Contact Form enabled - May 17, 2002
We've installed a new contact form on our site, which should make sending comments, questions, and bug reports easier!

Search engine installed - May 16, 2002
We've installed mnoGoSearch, so you can now search the contents of NewBreedSoftware.com

New Site! - May 15, 2002
Welcome to our newly-redesigned website!

cgi-util update - May 1, 2002
2.1.4 includes "cgi_getnentry...()" functions, for receiving multiple values using the same HTML form field name...

ZStella - April 29, 2002
We've ported the Atari 2600 video game system emulator, "Stella," from X-Window to SDL and the Sharp Zaurus PDA. This is a fork, and our changes should get incorporated into the main Stella codebase's existing SDL code (currently still in CVS).

ZSC - April 29, 2002
We've ported the game "XSC" (a Star Castle clone) from X-Window to SDL and the Sharp Zaurus PDA.

BoboBot for Agenda - April 29, 2002
Bobobot preview 3 has been ported to the Agenda VR3 PDA!

ICBM3D for Agenda - April 23, 2002
ICBM3D has been ported to the Agenda VR3 PDA!

Agenda Computing - March 12, 2002
Pro-Linux has reported (German) that Agenda Computing Germany is in a dissolution phase. We're very sad to see this happen, and wish everyone luck in their future endeavours. We loved the Agenda VR3; it was a joy to use, and a cinche to develop for.

Agendaroids - March 7, 2002
It's been cross-compiled for ARM CPU, and includes support for quarter VGA screens. In other words, it runs on Compaq iPaq PDAs running Linux, and the new Sharp Zaurus Linux-based PDAs. (X-Window required)

Mad Bomber - February 24, 2002
Version 0.2 has been released, which includes initial code for "Mad Bomber/embedded", which should soon run on Compaq iPaq and the new Sharp Zaurus PDAs!

Defendguin - February 14, 2002
Received a 4-out-of-5 review from GamesForLinux.de

Vectoroids - February 2, 2002
We just discovered that a BeOS port is available!

Vectoroids - January 15, 2002
Vectoroids won 3rd place in the SDL Game Contest!!!

SuperTux - January 12, 2002
Version 0.0.2 is now available for Windows, too!

Defendguin - January 5, 2002
Version 0.0.9 is available.

New Breed Software Merchandise! - January 3, 2002
Ever want a Defendguin mouse pad? Or a Mad Bomber t-shirt? Well, thanks to Cafe Press, I've been able to make a few cute NBS-related items you can buy!

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