Atari Party 2011

Atari Party 2011

June, 11 2011

Yolo County Public Library,
Mary L. Stephens Davis Branch
Blanchard Community Meeting Room
315 East 14th Street
Davis, California 95616

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A big thank you! to all of our sponsors for Atari Party 2011:

8-bit Classics for a copy of Atari Greatest Hits Vol 1 for Nintendo DS

Atari Archives and Classic Computer Magazine Archive donated towards venue, movie rental, and prizes

AtariMax is donating a Maxflash Flash Cartridge System for Atari 8-bit Computers for our give-away

Marianne Waage of geek* created this year's flyer and donated an Atari Lynx for our give-away

Friends at who put us in touch with folks at Atari

Kjmann's Atari Sales and Service is donating an Atari 1200XL computer system (with S-video upgrade) and a copy of their Donkey Kong Arcade game cartrdige for our give-away

Legacy Engineering offered to donate some USB classic joystick controllers

Linux Users' Group of Davis, allowing us to use their video projector

Mishka's Cafe is donating coffee for the event's volunteers

O'Reilly Media is donating a set of Retro Gaming Hacks books for our give-away

Scott West Productions gave us permission to screen Once Upon Atari again

Shari Bonnard of Sacramento donated towards venue, movie rental, and prizes

Stephanie Rector of donated some cash to help feed pizza to volunteers the day of the show

ThinkGeek is donating Atari Wall decals for our give-away

Donation and Expenditure Records:

Note: Stephen Helms paid for all but $20 of the pizza. So Atari Party owes him $21.55


Sponsored in part by: geek*

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