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Atari Party 2010
Sunday, March 14th in Davis, California

Older news...

Greetings, Program!

The Atari Party returned! It was held on Sunday, March 14th, 12:00p—8:00p at the Redwood Park Community Building, 1001 Anderson Rd., in Davis, California.

We brought you three decades' worth of Atari video games — literally hundreds of video games to play, from Pong and Combat to Klax and Tempest 2000, and everything in between. We also screened a Disney's Tron and the documentary film Once Upon Atari, and there were around 20 prizes to win in a free prize drawing!

Thanks to numerous sponosrs and volunteers, Atari Party was free and open to the public.

Some Photos

IMG_0031.JPG IMG_3010.JPG IMG_0014.JPG 23532_372890464437_729919437_3507749_2082795_n.jpg

See them all!

In the Press

Sacramento News & Review says: DON'T MISS!

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This event is a not-for-profit event, put together by volunteers and is free and open t o the public.