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Library Community Room Policy

The following is the text of the Yolo County Library's "Community Meeting Room Policy" (January 2006 revision), with my notes [bracketted, in italics]. Volunteers bringing their own equipment to this event should pay specially attention to the [notes in bold].

In those branches that have meeting rooms, it is the policy of the Library to provide facilities for meetings of non-profit groups in the area served by the Library. In adopting this policy it is the intent of the Yolo County Library to support the Library Bill of Rights, Article Six, which defines the responsibility of a library providing a public meeting room as follows: "Libraries... should make such facilities available on an equitable basis, regardless of the benefits or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use."

All meetings are subject to the following rules:

  1. No fee is charged for the use of the community meeting rooms during the hours the library is open. A fee is charged for use when the library is closed. Fees are also charged for the use of food or beverages in the room and for any services provided by library staff other than reserving meeting times and providing access to the meeting room. Library programs, library groups and other Yolo County Departments are exempt from paying fees. All fees are non-refundable.
    [$50 fee will be owed: $40 for 4hrs of after-hour access, plus $10 for having food]
  2. First priority in scheduling the community meeting room will be given to Library-related groups and programs.
  3. All meetings must be open to the public.
    [This event is open to the public]
  4. Permission to use the community room is obtained from the Branch Manager by filing a written application provided by the Library and paying the appropriate fee.
    [Form and payment submitted 2009.Feb.15]
  5. Reservations are made in order of receipt of the written application. Reservations are accepted three months in advance of the meeting date. Exceptions, including but not limited to, booking quarterly or annual meetings must be approved by the Branch Manager.
  6. In order to ensure maximum access to the community room for all groups, no group except the library and other Yolo County Departments may reserve the room for more than one day a week.
  7. Admission must be free of charge. Admission or registration fees may not be charged. Any charges must be limited to defraying the cost of actually participating in the activity, such as craft materials.
    [This event is free]
  8. Community meeting room may not be reserved for the benefit of a private individual, by a commercial concern, for money-raising programs, or by any group whose program would interfere in any way with library services. The meeting room may be used for book sales sponosred by the Friends of the Library. The latter organization is responsible for management of the sale including all financial transactions.
    [New Breed Software, Bill Kendrick's international, volunteer-based open source development group, is signed up as the 'sponsoring group' for this event]
  9. Materials that complement a Yolo County Library sponsored program may be sold in the meeting room. For example, authors may sell their books at a library-sponsored program.
  10. Groups not associated with the Library must clearly state in any press releases or other publicity that the meeting is not sponsored by the Library and that the presences of the group in the community room does not constitute Library endorsement of the policies or beliefs of the group.
  11. The Library is not responsible for loss or damage to individual or group property before, during or after the meeting.
    [So please keep an eye on your equipment and software!]
  12. Groups using the room will be responsible for maintaining order, for care of the room and its furnishings, and for setting up and taking down chairs. Library personnel are not available for these purposes. Users of the room wll be financially responsible for damage, if any.
    [So please be careful and courteous!]
  13. Use of any equipment, whether brought in or supplied by the library must be arranged when booking the room.
    [I have asked for the key that controls the projection screen]
  14. Items may not be removed from walls without prior permission of library staff.
    [So do not remove things from the walls]
  15. Posters, leaflets, exhibits, etc. must be approved in advance by the Branch Manager. Those approved may be displayed in the areas designed for such items.
    [I believe this applies to, e.g., flyers placed in the flyer collection in the Library's main entrance, and not displays within the community room, during the event.]
  16. If members of an organization are under 18, an adult sponsor must sign the application and be present during the entire meeting.
    [I don't believe this applies to attendees of the event]
  17. Smoking and open flames such as candles are not permitted.
  18. Beverages and light refreshments may be served, provided the appropriate fee is paid. The group must furnish all kitchen and serving utensils and be responsible for clean up after the meeting.
    [The fee has been paid. Bill Kendrick will be furnishing plates/utensils/etc/. Please help me keep the room clean!]
  19. Groups must leave by the time specified in the application to allow use of the room by other scheduled groups.
    [Please make sure you're out of the room by 9:30pm]
  20. Procedures for each branch library are detailed in Community Meeting Room Procedures for each branch.
  21. Authoriziation to use the community room may be revoked by the Branch Manager upon violation of any rule.

Thanks for your help in making this a successful event,

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