Bill Kendrick's Atari Relics


Title Category Year Status Language Summary
Garbage Game-action 1990 Finished BASIC Port of Timex Sinclair 1000 type-in game “Garbage”
Forest Escape Game-action 1988 Unfinished BASIC
Graveyard Game-action 1988 BASIC Run through the graveyard, and avoid the ghost
Hit It Game-action 1989 Finished BASIC A whack-a-mole clone
Hopper Game-action 1989 Finished BASIC Jump on platforms, collect bags of money, don't fall, avoid the bad guy.
Fire Copter Game-action 1989 Unfinished BASIC Save people from a burning highrise, and put out the fire.
Elevator Game-action 1989 Finished BASIC Run back and forth across floors, avoiding being hit by elevators.
Chicken Game-action 1989 Finished BASIC A Frogger / Freeway style game
Crown Quest Game-action 1987 Finished BASIC Clone of Dragonfire for the Atari 2600
Donuts Game-action 1988 Finished, but barely playable BASIC Collect the white donuts, avoid the black ones
Dropper Game-action 1989 Finished BASIC Catch falling happy faces
Boom! Game-action 1990 BASIC Kaboom! Clone
Lander Game-action 1989? Finished BASIC Lunar Lander clone
Superflex Game-action 1988 Finished BASIC Fly over a planet and collect objects; avoid fiery pits.
Star Wars Game-action 1989 Unfinished BASIC Missile defense game
Tank Game-action 198x BASIC Combat-style game
Tanks Game-action 1990 Finished BASIC Combat-style game
Telemelec Game-action 1988 Unfinished BASIC Inspired after seeing Gauntlet for the first time, this is a horrible attempt at a clone.
Snakeline Game-action 1988 Finished BASIC My first successful “snake game” algorithm!
Snake Game-action 1989 Finished BASIC Another snake game; collect the dots, and grow in length
Light Cycles Game-action 1989 Finished BASIC Light cycle game
Oil Hunt Game-action 1989 Unfinished BASIC Similar to Aardvark, dig around underground collecting dots of, uh, oil.
Plane Game-action 1989 Finished BASIC A side-view game where you fly a plane in loop-the-loops to collect... well, squares.
Pond Frog Game-action 1989 Unfinished BASIC Frog catching flies
Bombsplash Game-action 1988 Finished BASIC Kind of a reverse-Kaboom! Splash water up at bombs before time runs out.
Ghost Chase Game-action 1989 Unfinished BASIC Run around a graveyard avoiding a ghost until you have a heart attack
Platforms Game-action 1989 Finished BASIC Jump to the top
Zeus Game-action 1989 Finished BASIC Catch Zeus' lightning bolts with your staff; don't let them hit you, or the ground.
Axis 2 Game-action 1989 Unfinished BASIC Sequel to Axis, slide around an isometric grid without falling off
Axis Game-action 1989 BASIC Navigate an isometric screen with objects to collect, and pits to jump over or go around.
Asteroid Belt Game-action 1988 Finished BASIC Fly your ship across the screen, avoiding obstacles
Isolation Game-board 1990 Finished BASIC Port of “Isolation” from Commodore 64
Gates Game-board 1990 Finished BASIC Two-player turn-based maze game, based on an Apple II game
Usurp Game-board 1990 Finished BASIC Strategy game
Connect 4 Game-board 1989 Finished BASIC Connect 4 game
Simon Says Game-board 1988 Finished BASIC A “Simon Says” game
Checkers Game-board 1989 Finished BASIC A rather okay Checkers game
Think Tank Game-board 1990 Unfinished BASIC Unfinished “program your tanks” game
Othello Game-board 1989 Finished BASIC A 2-player othello game
Brick Blast Game-breakout 1987 BASIC Breakout clone
Atariserv Circus Game-breakout 1989 Unfinished BASIC A terrible Circus Atari clone
Brick Blaster Game-breakout 1989 Unfinished BASIC A breakout clone. Use paddle.
Breaktris Game-breakout 1992 Unfinished TurboBASIC XL Play Breakout, then switch to Tetris when you drop the ball
Jackpot Game-cards 1990 Finished BASIC A slot machine simulator
21 Blackjack Game-cards 1990 Finished BASIC 1- to 4-player Blackjack
Slot Machine Game-cards 1988 Finished BASIC Another slot machine game
Wordster Game-edu 1988 Finished BASIC A pattern-recognition game
Way-2-type Game-edu 1988 Unfinished BASIC A typing tutor
Math Attack Game-edu 1987? BASIC A very bad arithmetic quiz game.
The Countries of Europe Test Game-edu 1988 Finished BASIC A “countries and capitols” quiz
Jungle Game-jumprun 1988 Finished BASIC Clone of Floyd of the Jungle
Count Duckula Game-jumprun 1990 Unfinished BASIC A feeble attempt to make a game based off one of my favorite cartoons, Count Duckula (from the UK)
Super Mario Game-jumprun 1989 Unfinished BASIC Another Super Mario Bros attempt
Marooned Game-jumprun 1989 Unfinished BASIC Wander around an island, collecting gold
Castle Game-jumprun 1988 Unfinished BASIC Run, jump, and climb stairs in a spooky mansion
Boing! Game-jumprun 1993 TurboBASIC XL Attempt at a bounce-and-roll game
Super Mario Bros Game-jumprun 1989 Unfinished BASIC A terrible and misinformed Super Mario Bros clone
The Last Legend Game-jumprun 1989 Unfinished BASIC Jump on platforms; no enemies, except eyes in the walls that you shoot. Press Space to jump
Jinx Game-jumprun 1988 Unfinished BASIC A strange jump-n-walk game, slightly inspired by Super Mario Bros. 2
Secratary Game-misc 1990 Unfinished BASIC Kind of like Tapper, but you're a secretary answering phones
Maze of Secrets Game-misc 1988 Unfinished BASIC
Maze 3D Game-misc 1989? Unfinished BASIC A 3D maze
Train Station Game-misc 1987 Finished BASIC Pick the right suit case before the train arrives
Maze Game-misc 1989? Unfinished BASIC A 2D maze
Red Game-misc 1990 Finished BASIC A strange side-scroller where you float with a balloon, avoiding clouds, birds, and slingshots from bad-guys on the ground.
Jigsaw Game-puzzle 1990 Finished BASIC A jigsaw puzzle game
Sludge Game-puzzle 1994 Finished Action! Pipe Dreams clone
Rodent Revenge Game-puzzle 1994 Finished TurboBASIC XL Clone of Rodent's Revenge
Doctor Atari Game-puzzle 1994 Finished? But unplayably slow TurboBASIC XL Dr. Mario clone
Puzzle Game-puzzle Finished BASIC Sliding number puzzle
Ice Racing Game-racing 1989 BASIC An okay top-down single-vehicle race.
Rally Race Game-racing ???? BASIC A not-very-good top-down single-car race.
The Lost Valleys of Zebos Game-rpg 1989 Unfinished BASIC Zelda clone
Dungeon of Death Game-rpg 1988 Unfinished BASIC Unfinished adventure game
Diamond Quest Game-rpg 1989 Unfinished BASIC Unfinished top-down RPG
Grenades Game-rungun 1988 Unfinished BASIC Collect bags of money; use grenades to blow holes in fences and walls to progress through the screens
Invasion Vietnam Game-rungun 1989 Unfinished BASIC Run-n-gun game
Plane Fight Game-shmup 1990 Unfinished BASIC A side-view game where you fly a plane in loop-the-loops and shoot at boats in the water.
Galactic Avengers Game-shmup 1989 Unfinished BASIC A terrible Galaxian clone
Sharp Shooter Game-sports 1989 BASIC Joystick-based shooting game
Super 3D Golf Game-sports 1989 Unfinished BASIC A very lame golf game with a “3D” view (sometimes)
Boxing Game-sports 1988 Unfinished BASIC A Punch Out clone
Team Spirit Soccer Game-sports 1988 BASIC A (ironically) one-on-one soccer game
Ice Hockey Game-sports 1989 Finished BASIC One-on-one ice hockey game
Skeet Shoot Game-sports 1989 Finished BASIC Blocky clone of skeet shooting from Summer Games.
Skiing Game-sports 1989 Finished BASIC Scrolling skiing/slalom game
Balloon Pop! Game-sports 1987 Finished BASIC A carnival-style game
Water Balloons Game-sports 1987 Finished BASIC 2-player water balloon-throwing game
Golf Game-sports 1987 Unfinished BASIC Top-down, tile-based golf game.
Bounceback Game-sports 1989 Finished BASIC Pong
Sky Diver Game-sports 1989 Finished BASIC Clone of “Sky Diving” from the Atari 2600
Weight Lifting Game-sports 1989 Finished BASIC Joystick-wiggling sports games
Plaxtriss Game-tetris 1991-1996 Unfinished TurboBASIC XL Tetris clone
Tetris 2 Game-tetris 1989 Unfinished BASIC Yet another Tetris
Cooltris Game-tetris 1993 Finished Action! Tetris clone
Tetbricks Game-tetris 1991 BASIC A combination of Tetris and Breakout
Attractive Alarm Utility-Alarmclock 1992? Finished, but parts missing TurboBASIC XL Screensaver/clock/alarm
Alarm Clock Specials Utility-Alarmclock 1994 Finished TurboBASIC XL Another set of screensaver-like screens that act as an alarm clock.
Fireworks demo 1989 Finished BASIC Simple fireworks demo
Porsche demo >1992 TurboBASIC XL Sound & graphics demo
Lantern demo 1992? Finished TurboBASIC XL Halloween Jack-o-Lantern
My first program demo 1986 Finished BASIC The first BASIC program I ever saved to a floppy disk!
Minarets and Memories demo 1993 Finished TurboBASIC XL Digitized audio & video demo
Windows 0.0 experiment 1991 Unfinished TurboBASIC XL A text-mode-based windowing system
Inference Engine experiment ???? Finished BASIC Learns and can disseminate facts (e.g., “a bear is a mammal, and an animal”)
R-LEDS experiment 1991 Unfinished (proof of concept) BASIC Proof-of-concept attempts for a shoot 'em up game
Pop-Up! experiment 1990 Unfinished BASIC Some mouse pointer and text-mode windowing routines for BASIC
Geometric Drawing Language language 1990 Finished BASIC Very simple interpreted graphics-based language
Bubble Sort utility 1988 Finished BASIC Front-end to a ML sorting routine from a magazine
Workout utility 1988 Unfinished BASIC Exercise trainer
Card Maker utility 1990 Unfinished BASIC Greeting card maker
Large Font utility ???? Finished BASIC Draws large bitmapped text on the screen
Piano utility 1989? Finished BASIC A simple keyboard-based piano program
Piano utility 1989 Finished BASIC Musical keyboard
Morse Code utility 1989 Finished BASIC Converts text to morse code, with sound
Gdesk utility 1992 Unfinished Action! GUI SDK

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