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NOMAM 2015 "BASIC 10-Liners" Contest Entries

Here are games I've made to submit to 2015's "BASIC 10-liners" contest for the 2015 NOMAM (Not Only Marvelous Atari Machines) retrocomputing meeting in Germany. (See the contest rules and the anouncement on Forums.)


This is a very simple Breakout-style game, controlled with a joystick. You have 3 balls, and your objective is to clear the screen of bricks, bouncing the ball up towards the bricks without letting them fall off the bottom of the screen. The ball increases speed once it hits the top of the screen. Press Fire to launch a ball, and shift joystick Left and Right to move the paddle. The game stops after the 3rd ball is lost. Remaining balls, and your score, are shown at the lower left of the screen.

Result: 13th place, 5.30 points


A friend of mine posted a photo of a Tomy "Waterful Ring Toss" game on my Facebook page, which contained the phrase "You are not a hardcore gamer until you are able to win this." I decided to make it into a game for this year's NOMAM competition!

Press one of the console keys (Start, Select or Option) to push water from the lower left corner of the game, which causes the rings (colored "O" shapes) to move up and away from that position. Try to get them to land on the pins (yellow "I" shapes).

Once all four rings are on the posts, the game ends and your final score is shown. It's an anti-score — the lower the number, the better you did. (It's basically a value representing how long it took you to complete the game. A higher number means you took a long time :-) )

Hint: The longer you wait before pressing the button, the more power you'll have behind your push. Also, if you hold the button down longer, more water will be pushed out (until you run out of power). In other words, it acts very similar to the water-pumping button on the real game.

Result: 19th place, 4.00 points

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