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"WordScram-PC" is an offline version of "WordScram," a puzzle game where you must create as many words as you can out of a set of 16 randomly-picked letters.

The original "WordScram" was created in December 1997. In February 2002, a special education teacher e-mailed Bill's Games asking if a downloadable version available, which sparked the creation of the New Breed Software version.

Written using Simple DirectMedia Layer, it will be possible for the game to be run under numerous platforms, including: Windows, MacOS, Linux, BeOS, Amiga, and Atari ST!


Loading Screen

Shows random words as it loads the dictionary.

Title Screen

Select number of players, round length,
and number of rounds to play.

Game Screen

Enter words, one letter at a time.
Audible and visible feedback let you know
what letters or words are available.


  • Support for sightless players?
    • Say the 16 letters, aloud, then start timer.
    • Say timer every 5 or 10 seconds.
    • Say letters as they're typed.
    • Say words when they are submitted.
    • Say score or 'used/not a word' when word is submitted.

  • End-of-round.
    (Currently simply waits for next player to begin)

  • Music?