Poker Solitaire

For Atari 8-bit Computers

By Bill Kendrick
June 2015

End of a game, with some pretty terrible hands.


This is a Poker Solitaire (aka Poker Squares or Poker Patience) game for the Atari 8-bit computer, written in the C programming language and cross-compiled using cc65.

How to Play


Using a shuffled deck of 52 cards (13 ranks × 4 suits), you are to place cards on a 5×5 grid. Once a card is placed, it cannot be moved.

Once a row or column is full, a score is given based on the poker hand that was formed. (Points depend on the hierarchy of poker hands; see "Scoring/Hands, below.)

Once all 25 cards are placed, a final score is calculated based on the 10 hands (5 across, plus 5 down) that were formed.


Use the arrow keys ([+], [-], [*] and [=], with or without [Control]) or a joystick in Port 1 to move the cursor, and press [Return] or joystick [Fire] to place a card.

When the game ends, and your final score is shown, press any key to start a new game.

Scoring / Hands

Hand Details Example Score
Royal Flush All the same suit, sequential ranks, from 10 through Ace 10♥  J♥  K♥  Q♥  A♥ 100
Straight Flush All the same suit, sequential ranks  2♦  3♦  4♦  5♦  6♦ 75
Four of a Kind Four of the same rank  7♠  7♥  7♣  7♦  A♠ 50
Full House Three of a kind, plus a pair  2♠  2♥  2♣  9♦  9♣ 25
Flush All the same suit  2♣  3♣  7♣ 10♣  Q♣ 20
Straight Sequential ranks  7♦  8♣  9♦ 10♠  J♥ 15
Three of a Kind Three of the same rank  A♠  A♥  A♣  6♠  9♥ 10
Two Pairs Two pairs of the same ranks  4♠  4♥  8♣  8♣  K♠ 5
One Pair Two of the same rank  3♣  3♣  5♥  8♦  Q♠ 2